DraftStreet Lineup Tips: NBA Picks Wednesday 3/20/2013

Like any writer, I’d rather be right on my sleeper pick than on my obvious pick. The fact that my Power Play last Friday on DraftStreet came through with 47 points was nice. However, I was unhappy that my Bargain Play, Jodie Meeks, gave me just 4.5 points. I could have picked any other member of the […]

DraftStreet Lineup Tips: NBA Picks Friday 3/15/2013

College basketball may be taking center stage for the next month, but the NBA will churn on and playoff races will be decided while the “amateurs’” compete in one-and-done tournaments. Friday nights are busy in the professional ranks and this Friday gives us 12 games to pick through to set our lineups on on DraftStreet. […]

DraftStreet Lineup Tips: NBA Wednesday 3/13/13

Wednesday is hump day. It is also a good day to win on DraftStreet. My goal (writing this on Tuesday evening) is to help you do so. As is my wont, I will give you a pair of players – one a power play and another a bargain play. One will help you maintain and […]

Fanthrowdown Freeroll: Friday Night NBA Lineup Picks

It is always worth considering the competition. You can draft a player on their own merits, but it is worth noting which teams give up the most points. While it would seem like blowouts are a good thing for the winning team, they can often limit a player’s time on the court and, thus, reduce […]

Daily Fantasy NBA “Value Pick” at FanThrowDown Tonight (3/6/13)

At this point in the season, you can overwhelm yourself with the amount of data available from this season. Here’s a few words of advice: keep it simple. I tend to make my lineups very quickly. I know who is playing well and who is injured, and you probably do too. On Wednesday, almost every […]

NBA Friday Night Value & Power Play Picks At FanThrowDown

Professional basketball may take a backseat to college hoops for the next few weeks, but the NBA players will be trotting out on a nightly basis to show off the greatest assemblage of basketball talent in the world. Don’t forget about them when you are filling out your brackets. Friday brings us a slate of […]

Fanthrowdown Freeroll: $100 NBA Contest Wednesday Night Picks

If it is Wednesday (and it almost is when I am typing this, then it is time for a mighty NBA freeroll at Fanthrowdown. You may have to beat out some feisty competition to get that free money, but you won’t have to do it alone. I will be in your back pocket to help. […]

Fanthrowdown NBA Friday Night Value Lineup Picks

The NBA trade deadline has come and gone and the rumored blockbusters involving Josh Smith and possibly a Laker or two did not happen. There were some trades and it is a good idea to pay attention to the fallout. Players that were recently traded do not make for the best picks in their first […]

Fanthrowdown Freeroll: $250 NBA Contest Wednesday Night Picks

The good people at Fanthrowdown have put together excellent contests for all of the daily fantasy sports enthusiasts out there. The NBA contests are particular intriguing because of the scoring system that rewards long-range bombers. For each Wednesday and Friday contest, I will provide two hearty recommendations. The power play will be a large salary […]

Best Picks for FanDuel Fantasy College Basketball – Saturday, February 2

This weekend marks the midway point of the conference slate in college basketball. In the Tier 1 conferences (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, Pac 12, and SEC), there are just three teams that have not lost against familiar foes: Miami, Kansas, and Florida. Each will face a significant hurdle on Saturday. We’ll hit […]