FanDuel Football Picks Week 17

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DFSN FanDuel NFL Picks: Week 17


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Tony Romo came up big, half the lineup posted solid numbers, but the bottom of the order couldn’t do much last week.

Hoping to end the regular season on a high note.

Here are my FanDuel picks.

Matt Ryan $8,800 has been arguably the best QB the past month and he is primed for a big game to take his team to the playoffs. The Panthers defense has been better lately, but that’s mostly because their opponents have been worse. Ryan should go for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in this one.

Le’Veon Bell should finish up the season strong as he will rack up total yards. He had a fantastic game against the Bengals a few weeks ago and there’s no reason why he wouldn’t have another.

Chris Ivory is a value pick. His salary and upside make him an intriguing play. He’ll need a TD to get to that 15 point range which is very well possible in what could be a surprisingly high scoring game.

Odell Beckham Jr. 9,200 is single-handedly giving hope to the Giants franchise and seemingly inspiring the team to play well. He’s become unstoppable.

Mike Wallace is one of the top WR red zone threats and he should add to his touchdown total against a soft Jets secondary. The Dolphins will probably open up the playbook, which will lead to more opportunities for Wallace.

Terrance Williams is coming off a good game and could find himself in position to do the same. If the Cowboys start pulling starters, he’ll probably stay in the longest and has shown a nice chemistry with Brandon Wheeden if that scenario plays out.

Jermaine Gresham has put together some good games recently and if A.J. Green can’t go, then his targets will continue to increase.

Shayne Graham should get on the field more so this week than last as the Saints have done better on the road.

The Houston Texans $5,400 defense has been tremendous this season. They will look to finish the season strong against the Jaguars.

Good luck with your FanDuel lineup, and be sure to check back for any lineup changes before Sunday.

Week 16 Total = 111.82 pts

Week’s Top Performers:

QB – Tony Romo = 27.52 pts

WR – Randall Cobb = 18.6 pts

RB – Joique Bell = 15.7 pts


Week 1 = 133.84 pts
Week 2 = 110.24 pts
Week 3 = 80.62 pts
Week 4 = 137.46 pts
Week 5 = 101.94 pts
Week 6 = 91.48 pts
Week 7 = 118.2 pts
Week 8 = 95.76 pts
Week 9 = 150.68 pts
Week 10 = 120.46 pts
Week 11 = 136.74 pts
Week 12 = 106.58 pts
Week 13 = 132.32 pts
Week 14 = 125.8 pts
Week 15 = 106.2 pts


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