StarStreet NBA Pick Five Tips: January 29, 2013

Yuck! A 1-4 Monday night made it three straight losing outings since jumping into the craze that is StarStreet’s NBA Pick Five. Hey, at least it’s only cost me three bucks! Better results are sure to occur, so here’s my take on the match-ups set to go Tuesday night. Here’s to churning out at least […]

StarStreet NBA Pick Five Tips: January 28, 2013

Another ho hum 2-3 night last Friday in the StarStreet NBA Pick Five. Durant and Kobe both took care of business in their match-ups, but Cousins, Curry, and Kyrie just came up short; the Celtics/Hawks going into double overtime didn’t help matters allowing both Rondo and Smith to come out on top. I’ve had enough […]

StarStreet NBA Pick Five Tips: January 25, 2013

Not the greatest of showings in my debut installment of NBA Pick Five over at StarStreet. Only cashed two of five picks with Melo and the Truth coming through. I’ll attempt to do much better this time around with a juicier group of match-ups to work with. Though LeBron erupted for 57 fantasy points in […]

StarStreet NBA Pick Five Tips: January 24, 2013

It’s been awhile, but I’m ready to get my fantasy basketball swerve back on here at DFSN. But first, baby steps. Here’s what I got going for Thursday Night’s NBA Pick Five over at StarStreet. I’m going with Chandler in the first match-up against Vucevic. You’ll notice a trend if you keep reading as well […]

StarStreet Daily Fantasy NBA Picks: January 8, 2013

Another NBA Tuesday is upon us, and with the five games scheduled for this evening I give you the value-plays that will make the difference in you winning or losing. I hate that ‘L’ word. Keep an eye on that Wizards/Wolves match-up and avoid (if possible) starting any Wizards as their line-up is a complete […]

StarStreet Daily Fantasy NBA Picks: January 1, 2013

Before I unleash the fury which are my value-plays for today, I’d like to stop and wish all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year. One of my resolutions for this New Year is to bring down my competition in droves (forget that dieting nonsense). With that said, let’s start this New Year […]

StarStreet Daily Fantasy NBA Picks: December 25, 2012

Well, we’re here for you today with our NBA Value Play Christmas Edition. Hopefully most of you will come up with some excuse to be able to change the channel to hoop when visiting Aunt Ethel while pretending to love that fruitcake that she keeps shoveling onto your plate. The NBA’s rolling out a five-game […]

StarStreet Daily Fantasy NBA Picks: December 18, 2012

Whoa, the NBA has let its hair down and is gracing us with a 10-game card today! With the NFL regular season soon coming to a close we’ll be delving a little deeper week to week in this column. There are a ton of great choices on the value-play front in tonight’s games and I […]

StarStreet Daily Fantasy NBA Picks: December 11, 2012

It’s Tuesday and the NBA has graced us with a five game card and there is one game in particular that I’ll be tuning into. That game will be the Lakers/Cavaliers match-up. I’ve got a feeling that the Cavs can take this. We’ll see. Good luck tonight guys and here are your plays. The following […]

StarStreet Pick Five Week 14 Strategy

If you’re not a fan of the salary cap version of daily/weekly fantasy, then maybe you’d be more interested in just picking and choosing between already chosen players. If that’s the case, then StarStreet’s Pick Five games are right up your alley! Turn a measly $1 into $20 or $5 into $100 if you can […]